Monday, July 30, 2012

Managing the Highs and Lows

 It happens with seemingly everything...

You first fall in love and are so enamored you can't see past their face, but as time goes on, you regain your senses and are able to still be in love (hopefully), but carry about life [relatively] normally.

You first start a new job, and OMG everything is new and exciting and challenging....then time goes on, and you settle into a rhythm with your role...things slow down.

You find out your pregnant (ladies) and the excitement is so amazing, every flutter and kick....then you reach 9 months and you're mindset is: okay baby, it's time to come out....NOW! (At least, that's what we've witnessed with our friends and family).

There are highs and lows with everything, and starting a healthier lifestyle is certainly no different. When you first kick off your new workout program and/or healthy eating routine, you're (usually) excited about it, focused, and determined. Then as time goes may start to feel like a chore, the extra 45 minutes of sleep sounds better than getting up to workout, you don't feel like prepping all your food and a trip to Mickey D's is just plain easier. It is totally natural to feel this way, but we wanted to share some tips on riding out these highs and lows:

  • Recognize and even expect that you won't feel like workout out or eating healthfully every day. Some days you'll be pumped for this lifestyle, and some days, you'll need to check yourself or give yourself a little pep talk. Do what you have to do to convince yourself to stick to it.
  • If you're stuck in more lows than highs, revisit your goals. Nothing is set in stone. You didn't sign any legal documents. If you want to change what you had originally planned, do so! It might help you feel rejuvenated and focused again.
  • Reach out for support. If you have others joining you in this journey, don't be afraid to raise your hand and ask for help! We are here for anyone at any time or point in their journey - just give us a shout! 

Question for you: Do you have any tips for managing the highs and lows of a healthy lifestyle? Please answer in a comment below (you can do it anonymously!!)

Enjoy the journey,

Lindsay and Timothy

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