Thursday, April 11, 2013

6 Months Pregnant!

It really is the strangest thing - most times, it feels like this pregnancy is flying by way too fast, but when we think about, we've been pregnant since October, which feels like a pretty long time! :) It's probably mostly due to the fact that this pregnancy has been blessedly easy, and it was easy for me to forget I was pregnant up until most recently (i.e., the belly popped and the little guy is very, very active!!).

A little update about what's been going on in the last couple of months:

  • We found out "Nugget" is a BOY!!We had the Anatomy Scan at 20/21 weeks, and he was such an ornery cuss!! He had his back to us, would occasionally look over his shoulder and show his face, but wasn't showing us the goods! After some coaxing and prodding, the tech was able to get a view looking up between his legs and IT'S A BOY!! We are so excited!!! Part of me occasionally frets about what if the tech was wrong and it was really a foot or something (even though the logical part of me is pretty darn certain that's clearly boy parts! lol

  • We moved - 3 minutes up the road, but a move nonetheless! While we enjoyed the tiny, old farm cottage we were renting, it was tiny and old, and generally not a safe environment for a baby to be crawling around in. The current house we are renting is much more baby-friendly and we are settling in nicely!
  • Around 22 weeks or so, the belly POPPED in a big way! This is when I could look at myself and be like "Yep, that doesn't look like I just ate too much anymore, that's clearly a baby in there!!"
Little bump at 20 weeks

POW! 4 weeks later, hello pregnant belly!

  • Still not having any truly negative symptoms of pregnancy!! I pulled an ab muscle around 19 weeks and that was uncomfortable/slightly painful, but after taking it easy (i.e., no workouts) for a week, I was back to normal! Still no sickness.....I can feel my body adjusting and changing, but none of it is uncomfortable. I'm okay with my big belly, but these big ol' boobs are a whole other animal!! They are huge, which makes me self-conscious at times, but I tell myself that it is hopefully a sign that I'll be able to breastfeed and that's an amazing positive! :)
  • Nutrition is pretty normal. I was an eater pre-pregnancy and I'm still an eater now!! :) My food choices haven't really changed much at all. I was fretting over the scale in the early 2nd trimester, but I've stopped weighing myself at home (only gets done at my OB appointments now) and I feel MUCH better.
  • Working out has been fun!! I have been regularly working out 6 days a week and it makes me feel strong and like I'm prepping my body for labor!! Crossfit, jogging, TurboFire, etc. - doing all the things I did pre-pregnancy, just modifying as needed (most of the modifying is just working around the belly now!)
  •  Our birth class began last week! We are taking a 12-week course on the Bradley Method, which is a birthing class focused on natural birth that is very partner-centered. I knew I wanted to attempt a natural birth, and the Bradley class fit best because Timothy and I do everything together, so to have him be such an intricate part of this birthing process was a no-brainer!! When people find out I'm attempting a natural birth, there is sometimes some flack, but I like to remind folks that I know and trust my body, and if plans change and I get an epidural or have to have a c-section, that I am prepared for that as well. I'm not naive, I know enough to know that stuff happens and it's best to be prepared for it all :)
Okay, that covers most of it!! Hope you enjoyed this update. We honestly couldn't be happier and soak up every precious experience with this baby - we are so blessed to finally have this experience we've wanted for so long and we just can't help ourselves in sharing the excitement :)

In Health,

Lindsay (and Timothy in spirit)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

More Time!!

We hear it daily, in a variety of settings, referring to a variety of things, but it all has to do with not having enough time.

Limited/no time is the #1 excuse folks use when trying to explain their lack of commitment to their health and  fitness. Truth is, we all have the same 24 hours in a day and you don't find the time, you MAKE the time for things that are important to you. That being said, if you want to make your health and fitness important to you, here are some things that you might find helpful to maximize the use of your precious time!

1. Use the days you have more "unscheduled time" to make it easier on all the other days!!

  • We are specifically referring to meal and workout prep here! Prepping your meals or your meal staples (veggies, fruits, meats) in one day makes it that much easier on all the other days. If you aren't following a specific program, also map out all your workouts. This prep work takes out the guessing and makes it less likely you'll deviate from the plan!
2.  Make your workouts count....get the most bang for your buck!

  • Be smart when it comes to your workout choices - choose programs and/or individual workouts that will give you the greatest outcome in the least amount of time. Some of our favorites are Insanity, TurboFire, Crossfit, and ZWOWs
3. If you must have variety in your foods, map out your meals a week in advance and grocery shop accordingly!
  •  Once the shopping is done, see tip #1 :-)
To be completely open and honest, the tips only really work when YOU have DECIDED that this is going to be a priority for you. Once you've had the mindset change, it all falls into place fairly easily...then you get into a routine, and that routine becomes habit, and before you know it, this is just how you live!!

In Health,

Timothy and Lindsay
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