Thursday, July 30, 2015

Boy, was I wrong.

So as most of you know, Lindsay has been a Team Beachbody coach for a few years now. For the majority of those years, I have been extremely skeptical of that whole process. I had the same reaction that most people have to a multi-level marketing company. Some of those reactions included: “That’s just another pyramid scheme!” “That’s too gimmicky!” However, over the last few months, I’ve changed my mind about this company. 

My mindset started to shift when I found Bodybeast, which is an at  home bodybuilding type program from Beachbody. Before this workout program, I was never a real DVD workout fan. I started that program and did it in totality. I loved it. During this time, I also started to be much more diligent about having Shakeology daily. It not only tastes amazing but it is all natural and its ingredients are sourced from  high quality verified farms. It has a whole host of benefits but the main reason I drink it, is to ensure that I’m getting what I am missing from my normal diet. It is like drinking a multi-vitamin. So, the products started to sell me on the company. I went ahead and signed up as a coach because we were killing some Shakeology each month and wanted the discount. And so it begins....

Each year, Beachbody has what they call their Coach Summit. Lindsay had wanted to go for a couple of years but it was never really been close to us. Last year, they announced it was coming to Nashville so she signed us up. We drove to Nashville to attend this summit and it was a truly amazing experience. From beginning to end, it is clear that Beachbody truly cares about their coaches. The whole weekend was spent giving back to them. This wasn’t the biggest selling point for me though. It was being around 25,000 other like-minded individuals who truly cared about the people they are helping. The overall theme of the weekend was Every One Matters. They lived that slogan throughout the weekend and its clear that everyone in the company from top to bottom believe in that motto daily. The other thing that blows me away about this company is that they truly exist to help people. Each of their products is designed to lead somebody to a healthier life. They offer a vast array of products and you’d be hard pressed to not find a product that works for you. After this weekend, I am completely blown away by this company and can't wait to have others share this company with me.

After listening to Dewitt Jones speak at Summit, it is clear to me that my passion for helping others needs to be rerouted. I have spent the last 10 years in public safety, which is a reactive line of work. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy doing public safety, but I feel like my passion is helping others before their life becomes a crisis. I am committed to helping others find their best self and maximizing their potential. Beachbody will be one of the main vehicles I use in helping people achieve their best. Please reach out to me if you need help on your journey. I am here to help.
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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Motivation: Where to Find It

Motivation is something that everyone seems to struggle with at some point in their lives. I am no different and find myself looking for external motivation when I can't seem to muster my own internal motivation. Before I get too carried away talking about motivation, let's define it. defines it as providing a reason to act a certain way. Pretty simple, right? There's one word in there that causes some issues, REASON. Why is reason such a big deal? In order to find your motivation toward a goal, you have to have a reason. This is your WHY. WHY are you looking to achieve this goal? Your why is so very important to the success of whatever you are trying to achieve. If you have a strong why, then your motivation candle will burn that much stronger. The most important thing about your why is that it has to be YOUR why. You can't achieve your goals living on somebody else's why. It has to be for you.

So, once you have your why, you can look to find that motivation. Motivation comes in two forms: internal and external. Internal motivation is simply doing whatever it is because you find it rewarding.  It can be a hobby like painting that you find rewarding. You may start working out and find it rewarding because you feel great after it's done. Internal motivation does not come from anybody else, it is simply yours. Your health is often a strong internal motivator. Knowing that if you workout and improve your eating, your health will improve is often enough for people to flip the switch. Other times, people need external motivation from their doctors to achieve their health goals. An example would be exactly how I started my fitness and health journey. My doctor told me, after he checked my blood pressure, I need you to track your blood pressure for two weeks and come back to visit me. If at the end of that two weeks your numbers haven't improved, then I will put you on blood pressure medicine. My external motivation was avoiding medicine while my internal motivation was to not be a out of shape, unhealthy twenty year old.

As noted above, external motivation is doing an activity for a reward or to avoid some sort of punishment. Our challenge groups provide external motivation. It is rewarding to be patted on the back by your peers for a job well done and you tend to stick to your goals when somebody is going to call you out for not showing up. External motivation also comes from compliments you receive on how well you're doing with your health and fitness. Workout buddies provide external motivation in the same ways that our challenge groups do. If you leave your workout buddy hanging, I'm pretty sure you're going to hear about it. The idea of an accountability partner, in your journey towards a healthier you is a tremendous way to maintain your motivation without slip-ups. Our journeys are best traveled with both types of motivation helping us along as opposed to us trying to go it alone. If you don't have that accountability partner, join one of our challenge groups and let's get after it together. We love helping people find their why's and sharing the journey towards their goals. We'd love to have you. Thanks for reading and go help keep someone else accountable this week even if you don't quite have your stuff figured out. Find out more about our challenge groups (a new one every month) by following us HERE. Also on Instagram, Twitter, and will be reviving our YouTube channel soon.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Review of Shakeology Boost Supplements

Beachbody has released a new line of supplements designed specifically to boost your Shakeology. They had been asked by their consumers to add some additional things to Shakeology. They played with the formula for Shakeology and found that adding directly to the formula was too much and changed the flavor profile of the shake too much. However, they persisted and now released three separate boosts for your daily Shakeology. Lindsay and I bought each of these at the Coach Summit last weekend so that we could give them all a try and let you know how they were. The first boost I will write about, is my personal favorite, Focused Energy.

The coach summit was a very rewarding experience but it was also a very long weekend. We got up Sunday morning to head back to Buckingham and I told Lindsay that I was going to give Focused Energy a try in my morning shake. I wanted to try it and see if I could use it in place of coffee and ditch coffee completely. If any of you know me, you know how much coffee I drink. So, we were up early Sunday morning and made a quick shake with Vegan Chocolate Shakeology, 2% Milk, and a scoop of Focused Energy. We packed up our stuff and hit the road. We stopped for gas about forty five minutes into the trip. As was routine for me, I grabbed a small cup of coffee since I was in the convenience store and off we went. I probably drank a few sips of coffee and realized that the Focused Energy was keeping my energy and focus up. I also didn’t notice the crash on the 8 hour trip home that I normally get with coffee. This was completely different than the trip down where our stops centered around Dunkin Donuts shops for a refill. Fast forward to today, I have not had a cup of coffee since that small cup Sunday morning. My energy level has been even all day and my focus has been awesome. I also used to take a supplement called Alpha Brain from Onnit(GREAT PRODUCT by the way), but don't feel that it is necessary with Focused Energy coupled with Shakeology. If you are a current Shakeology drinker, I can not recommend Focused Energy enough. It is an awesome product and kudos to the team at Beachbody for this formula.

I’ll next talk about the Digestive Health boost. One of the things that Beachbody has heard since 2006 was that there should be more fiber in Shakeology. I’ve never felt that way about Shakeology and have always thought that was a perk of drinking it(Increased Gastric Motility). However, Digestive Health is here to save the day for fiber lovers. Digestive Health boasts 7 grams of fiber, with 2 grams from soluble and 5 grams from insoluble sources. So what does that mean? Soluble fiber attracts water and forms a gel which slows stomach emptying and helps with feeling full longer and can also help lower “bad” cholesterol by interfering with the absorption of dietary cholesterol. Insoluble fiber does not dissolve in water and adds bulk to your diet. Insoluble fiber acts as a “street sweeper” of your GI tract and speeds up elimination of waste from your gut. Enough about fiber, does this stuff work? I have had it in my shakes every morning since returning from Nashville to help eliminate some of the junk in my system. It has proven remarkable. It has definitely increased my gastric motility around a 2 hour window of drinking the shake. It also makes your shake thicker which I love and tastes great. If you drink Shakeology and are still searching the shelves for more fiber, Digestive Health is your answer. Most americans only get half of their recommended daily intake of fiber, so if you think you’re deficient, give Shakeology and Digestive Health a try.

Speaking of something Americans don’t get enough of, GREENS! The last Boost that Beachbody released is Power Greens! According to the National Institute of Health, fewer than 1 in 10 americans get their recommended daily servings of Fruits and Vegetables. Most of you I know, don’t have trouble with the fruits but can’t stomach the amount of greens. Shakeology, by itself, provides some greens but in a small concentration. So, enter Power Greens. One scoop of Power Greens is like eating 2/3 cup of leafy greens, 1/3 cup of cucumber and 1/3 large celery stalk. This is a great addition to your Shakeology that gives you a great dose of greens in a great tasting shake. I eat a fair amount of greens and still feel like I could eat more. Power Greens is the best way for me to add greens to my diet without putting extra burden on my stomach. When adding this boost to chocolate Shakeology, it will make your shake green and little bit denser but I barely notice it’s in there.

All of these boosts add great value to an already phenomenal shake. If you are already a serious Shakeology drinker, give these boosts a try. If you don't drink Shakeology on a regular basis or never tried it, I’d urge you to get started today. Lindsay and I have been daily consumers for years - it's the best part of our healthy lifestyle.
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Monday, June 8, 2015

Shakeology Power Bowl Recipe

Hello beautiful!!

A new recipe for you guys!! Summer is rapidly approaching, and that means fresh fruit is in abundance! *Cue the angels singing*

I've long been intrigued by the concept of "Acai bowls" but I found a way to make it even better: enter Shakeology Power Bowl!

1 scoop Strawberry or Greenberry Shakeology
1 cup orange juice
1 cup frozen mixed berries
1 Acai frozen smoothie packet
1 TBSP ground chia seed (to thicken)
Blend until thick, but smooth

1/2 cup raw strawberries
1/2 cup raw pineapple
2 TBSP goji berries
2 TBSP raw almond slivers
2 TBSP granola

This was SO good and had almost as much fiber as it did protein (!!!!!) - not to mention absolutely overflowing with antioxidants, superfoods, vitamins, and minerals!

Cheers to your health!

Lindsay of Fit with Farrar

Monday, April 27, 2015

Morning Routine

Your morning routine is what sets you up for your day, thus it holds a lot of potential and power. Here are 3 parts of our current morning routines, why we do them, and why you might want to try it out for yourself:

  • Wake up 2 hours before needing to leave the house
    • Sleeping until the absolute last moment before you have to get up and get ready can seem like a good idea (more sleep, right?) BUT - then when you DO get up, you get up under rushed pretenses! You start the day in a hurry, anxiety-provoking mode, which can lead to you feeling that way the entire day. Plus - if you get up well before you need to leave, you have time for the next 2 two parts.....
  • Hot water w/ juice from a lemon immediately upon waking
    •  The benefits of consuming warm water with lemon upon waking up are well documented; one quick Google search provides plenty of articles! In short, it's a little immune system boost and helps kick-start your digestion.
  • Workout
    • Honestly, there isn't a bad time to workout. The UPSIDE of getting it done in the morning, however, is just that: It's DONE! You don't have to fret over finding time over lunch or after you pick up the kids from school - you can get it done while everyone else is sound asleep. Even better, your metabolism AND mood is revved up for the rest of the day.
Are any of these currently a part of your morning routine? Which ones? If not, which ones would you be open to trying? Let us know!

In Health,

Tim and Lindsay
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Friday, April 10, 2015

The REAL Reasons Women Shouldn't Lift Weights

Hey there - just Lindsay today! As a fitness professional and a woman, I felt it was my duty to share this with you guys. In no particular order, here's the REAL reasons women shouldn't lift weights:

#1 You'll gain confidence. Like makeup-free pics all over your Instagram confident. CAN YOU IMAGINE?!

#2 You'll get stronger. 5 flights of stairs is suddenly easy. Lugging your toddler plus the 10 bags it takes to just go to the grocery store is no problem for your strong arms. WHATEVER WILL YOU DO?!

#3 You'll lose body fat. You know, the stuff actually related to chronic health conditions, your body's proportions, etc. But that doesn't matter because the scale won't go down as much.

#4 You'll look better in your clothes. Less frump, more tight. What will you do with all your Spanx?!

#5 You'll have a faster metabolism, which means you can eat more food. THE HORROR!

There you have it - you definitely shouldn't lift weights as a woman unless you want to be more confident, stronger, have less body fat, and a higher metabolism. Just the thought of those things makes me shiver.

In Health,


P.S. - kinda hope y'all get the sarcasm, but because one never knows, here's the disclaimer: THIS IS HEAVILY LACED WITH SARCASM. I *LOVE* lifting for all those reasons and more. GO LIFT WEIGHTS!

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

My First Naturopathic Medicine Experience

In case you're not from 'round here - in central Virginia, there isn't exactly much to choose from with regard to alternative living (whether it be food choices, medical treatment, etc.) So when I decided I wanted to see a naturopathic doctor, Richmond Natural Medicine was pretty much the only thing that came up. Their website looked good, phone conversations with the administrative staff were positive, so I booked an appointment with Dr. Courtney Paré. The following is a summary of my experience - but I'd be glad to share further should anyone have any questions!

First, why?

I really became better educated on prevention vs treatment and the body's ability to work with you and for you not against you when I was pregnant. I had educated myself on all the positive effects of a natural birth (on both baby and mom) and was set on having one so I pursued the resources that supported that (the Bradley method birth class, hiring a doula {love you, Alli!!}, etc.) This exposed me to more and more "alternatives" to traditional medicine, and since my experiences have been insanely positive and effective, I decided for my own personal primary care, I also wanted to go this route.

The Appointment

Prior to the appointment, I had to fill out a new patient packet. This wasn't the traditional medical forms I had completed in the past. Yes, it asked my current medications/supplements (keep reading to find out why, though!), but it focused on ME, as a complete human being. They wanted to know why I chose the clinic, what expectations I had both for the initial appointment and long term, the wellness wheel and how satisfied was I in those various areas, what did I do regularly that supported my health and what didn't, etc. Based on the paperwork alone, I knew I was off to an awesome start.

When I scheduled the appointment, the administrative staff informed me it would be 2 hours; and it was every bit of 2 hours, one on one, with Dr. Paré. There was no rushing; it was quiet, calm, engaging conversation. She didn't try to speak for me or interrupt me. We went over my paperwork together thoroughly - and while I didn't have any immediate/current health or medical concerns, we were still able to work together to create a healing plan. I also did opt for the Enzyme test in which they examine my blood to determine if I do have any food intolerances that I may not be aware of - I'll get those results in a couple weeks and meet with their staff nutritionist to go over it.

My healing plan was split into several sections: Lifestyle, Nutrition, and Supplemental Support. In sum, for me personally, I didn't need immediate management of any health concerns, but I could (and have) implemented the following:

  • Trying to get more restful sleep
  • Make it a point to do some mindfulness work daily
  • Discontinue several supplements I was taking - she checked my Shakeology label and said it covered everything.....YEAH! 
  • Take the botanical tincture she made for me on the spot to help me protect my adrenals. She was most concerned about potential for future burnout due to the physical and mental demands of having a full-time job, a toddler, owning a business and being a group fitness instructor.

  • She also gave me some awesome ideas for allergy support, as I tend to have to rely on Zyrtek for months throughout the spring and summer! 

Before I left, she answered the various questions I had, even gave me a list of providers in the area that could serve as my PCP that supported patients who also sought naturopathic doctors. You see, in good ol' Virginia, naturopathic medicine is not recognized, thus they can't technically serve as your PCP because VA won't license them. This also impacts the cost of seeking naturopathic treatment - every cent is out of pocket and up front....which I know makes it practically impossible for most of us to do regularly. So upsetting but maybe time and activism will change the course.

I'll be following up with Dr. Paré in 6 weeks to see how my healing plan is working and also to make another nutritional plan based on the enzyme testing findings. I'm grateful for this experience and I hope to continue with it! The information and guidance alone in the 1 session was worth its weight in gold! I highly recommend you seek out a naturopathic facility in your area. And of course, if you have any questions about my specific experience, just let me know!

In Health,

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

WIAW: What I Ate Wednesday

Hi all! Just Lindsay today...

Both Tim and myself follow an assortment of bloggers - from general lifestyle, to specifically healthy living, to registered dieticians, etc. etc. The "WIAW: What I Ate Wednesday" posts are always fun - I mean, who doesn't want to see what other people eat!! No? Maybe we're just weird....well if you're weird too, enjoy this post of what I ate throughout the day yesterday! Disclaimer: no fancy pics here because I don't walk around with my Nikon #iphonealltheway

5:15AM - after perusing social media messages and emails since 4:45, I'm out of bed, dressed and getting ready to head downstairs for a workout. A little preworkout to help get me going :)


Right before leaving for work, I make my Shakeology as my post-workout meal. This morning's was Chocolate with almond milk, fiber supplement, greens supplement, PB2, and caramel extract blended with ice to perfection! YUM!

It's about 9:15AM and I'm not hungry but know I have two meetings back to back and to avoid hunger striking during them, I go ahead and eat my morning meal. This is 85% grassfed ground beef with 1/2 cup of organic black beans.

The Shakeology and morning meal do a great job of holding me over until 12:15, then it's time for lunch! Today it's a cup of zuccini and red bell peppers (satueed in coconut oil with sea salt and pepper), 1/2 cup of Indian Basmati white rice, 4 oz of extra lean beaf round chunks, and 2 TBSP of homemade Yum Yum Sauce. *nom nom nom nom*

Afternoon snack #1 around 2ish, Greek yogurt!

Afternoon snack #2 around 3:30 (on this day, I was teaching TurboKick at 6pm, so I wanted a little something to make me satiated). 1/4 cup of roasted salted almonds with 1 oz of colby jack cheese squares.
And to get me amped up to give my TurboKick class ALL I got, a little double-espresso iced coffee with almond milk (1 serving).

Since it's a double-workout day (with my own morning workout then teaching at night), I mix up some aminos to sip on while I teach Turbo!

Once I'm back home, Baby E helps me eat this dinner of 1 cup honey-coconut roasted sweet taters, 4 oz of grilled chicken breast and 2 strips of bacon.

And for "dessert", two gluten-free buckwheat and berry waffles with a TBSP of honey drizzled on top!

See, I'm pretty normal right?! Good quality food, but nothing super strict or crazy! This came out to 2,167 calories (45% carbs, 30% fat, and 25% protein). I have to eat a lot since I burn a lot...which the foodie in me LOVES (for example, my calorie burn just for my exercising and teaching this day was 1,161 calories). I'm not saying this is how any/everyone should eat (nutrition is such a personalized thing!) but I figured it might satisfy some curiosity for some folks! :)

Also - besides the 8oz of iced coffee, the only thing I drank was water. 128 oz (1 gallon).

In Health,

Lindsay (and Tim in spirit!)
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