Monday, October 21, 2013

Finding (and Keeping) *That* Mindset

It happens to included.

You're going along, kicking ass and taking names at your healthy lifestyle. Eating well. Working out. Total awesomeness. get off track. Sometimes, it's because something major happens. Sometimes, it's a slow fall. Either way, your eating becomes less and less clean. You skip one workout, then another, and another. Next thing you know, you're feeling sluggish and frustrated asking yourself "WHAT THE HELL?!?!"

What does it take to keep *that* mindset? The mindset that has you eating clean and exercising effortlessly - just second nature.

We don't think there is an easy, one-size-fits-all answer to that question....but, here are our top 3 tips that can have a huge impact:

#1 - "Just Keep Swimming!" It sounds so basic, but honestly, the more you do it, the more you'll continue to do it. Keep at it, day after day, and eventually  you don't even have to think about it.

#2 - Surround Yourself with the Right People! Whether they are "real life" people or just following/interacting with people through social media, make sure you are getting a large dose of positive, motivated, energetic people who are living this healthy lifestyle.

#3 - Learn to Forgive Yourself, Quickly! When you have a bad day, or even when you start to see the signs that you're falling off the wagon, say to yourself "Okay, I've made a poor choice that isn't going to help me reach my goals, and that's okay." Shaming yourself will only lead to more poor choices which will only get you further off your path. Pick yourself up quickly and get back on track!

In Health,

Tim and Lindsay
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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Where Time and Energy Are....

Wow - our blog post about our birth story was written when Baby E was just a few weeks old! Sorry for being MIA -  he is now 10 weeks old and has SO MUCH PERSONALITY! He loves to smile, stand up, and is a total chatterbox! He started sleeping in his crib at 6 weeks and began sleeping through the night (most nights, lol) shortly there after. He started daycare at 8.5 weeks and contracted his first cold shortly there after :) He eats 4-5 oz every 2 hours (and is just like his mom and gets HANGRY) and weighs 14 pounds (big boy!!). He still is not a fan of the car seat and refuses to sleep on his back. He is spending more time in the Bumbo seat, which we affectionately call "The Poop Chair" because a dirty diaper is sure to follow after 5 minutes or less in the Bumbo, lol! Of course, like all babies, he has his fussy moments, but honest to God, he's a really really good, happy baby!! We are blessed!

He is so strong!!

Working out :)

This is when he discovered his tongue

Loves to smile :)
 Lindsay resumed working out right at 4 weeks postpartum. All the pregnancy weight (30 pounds) was lost, but body shape and texture (?) had definitely changed and were going to require some work :) She started a Body After Baby/Hot Mom 90-day Challenge at 5 weeks postpartum. This is a Fit with Farrar sponsored challenge where 30-some other moms committed to working out and eating healthfully with her, and one frequent comment from the other moms was "Where on Earth do you find the time and the energy?!?!"

So here's the big secret. Lindsay has found the secret location where both time and energy are hidden from busy, stressed out moms.....


Yep, it's all in your head. While we never want to undermine how difficult it is to be a mom, energy is a decision. If you tell yourself you have energy, your body will react accordingly. If all you do is think about how tired and exhausted you are, your body also acts accordingly. And with time....time is also a decision. Nobody, mom or not, HAS the time to have to MAKE the time. Everyone has at least 10-15 minutes a day. Don't think you do? Talk to us about your schedule - I guarantee you we'll find you 10-15 minutes.

Here's the schedule we've been able to develop. DISCLAIMER: Sh*t Happens. Some days do not work like this, but most do. And yeah, milestones (like teething) are probably going to throw a wrench into this, but while we are flexible, we are also committed. This is our lifestyle - we choose it, we will make it work!

4am - Mom and Dad wake; if Baby isn't already awake, we wake for a change and feeding

4:30am - Baby goes back down in crib

5am - Mom works out at home while Dad heads to work for a workout before his day begins

6:30am - Mom wakes up Baby (if not already awake) for another change and feeding, then load up in the car!

7:15am - Mom drops Baby off at daycare and heads to work

7:30am - 5pm - Mom and Dad at work (boooo) and Baby at daycare (double booooo).

5:10pm - Mom picks up Baby from daycare and Dad is on his way home.

5:45pm - 7:30pm - playtime and dinner with Baby!! Also pack all the prepped meals and snacks for the next day.

7:30pm - nighttime ritual begins: bath, bottle, & rocking chair. Baby is usually asleep in crib by 8pm. We watch TV/chat in bed for an hour and then go to sleep ourselves. Then we wake up at 4am and do it all over again....

This schedule is what works for us; it might not work for you and your specific situation, but that's not the point. The point is that if you want to lead a healthy lifestyle, you have to make the time. It seems like a chore in the beginning, but eventually, it just becomes a part of your everyday life. If you need some help figuring out how to make things work for you, just email us (fitwithfarrar at gmail) or message us on Facebook!

In Health,

Tim and Lindsay

INSTAGRAM: @fitwithfarrar