Monday, July 16, 2012

No Money, No Problem - Workouts

If you want to get started working out, but you are *really* (and we mean REALLY) strapped for cash...or if you want to "find your workout niche" before investing a lot in equipment or programs, we have some options for you!

Never fear - the Farrars are here! (Not actually us - Timothy's hair isn't nearly that wafty, hehe!)

Option 1: Tear out workouts from fitness magazines!

There are SO many health and fitness magazines out there and nearly all of them have at least a couple workouts in every issue! Common courtesy, though folks - if they aren't your magazines...write the workouts down rather than tearing them out :)


Option 2:  God Bless the Internet!

Thanks largely in part to YouTube, wonderful fitness-minded people of the world post workouts online, FOR FREE! Take advantage of this! Here are some of our favorites:

Zuzana Light and her ZWOWs (Zuzana's Workout of the Week)
Body Rock TV
Vivace Fitness with Chelsea
Pinterest has a lot of pins that detail simple, quick, but effective workouts!

Option 3: The Wild and Wondrous Outdoors!

If you have access to a local track (or just a plain ol' road) - do running intervals. 
Live in a mountainous area? - go hiking.
Have a 5'x5' space anywhere - do some burpees!

You get the idea - use the space and free things around you!


And there ya go - plenty of options, even when you are strapped for cash! There really are absolutely, positively no excuses guys and gals. Find what you like (or can at least tolerate) and do it! Then do it again! Wash, rinse, repeat! :-)

In Health,

Timothy and Lindsay

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