Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Working Out So You Can Pig Out (?)

We certainly do it....try to make sure we get a good workout in beforehand if we know we'll be having a meal that is out of the ordinary/not exactly healthy.

Our mindset for doing so is this: One, we try to get a good workout in every day, pending cheat meal or no cheat meal. And two, it couldn't hurt to burn some serious calories and deplete your glycogen levels beforehand! Overall, that's a pretty well-supported thought process (here and here, just as examples). But, it can lead to dangerous territory....

Nice try.

That dangerous territory is where every workout becomes solely for the purpose of following it up with a bad diet....you know, working out so you can pig out.

The gist is this: working out before a cheat meal is probably a GOOD idea; HOWEVER, most of your week's meals should be food that is going to fuel your workouts (lean proteins, complex carbs, veggies).

Trust we are guilty of the too many cheat meals too....but when you lead an overall fit lifestyle and have done so for a couple years, your body is a little more forgiving (shouldn't be an excuse to pig out, though...note to selves). So also keep that in mind: if you're in the beginning of your journey, you're going to need to be really strategic about your cheat meals.

Eating is a science and it's easy to get overwhelmed with it. The best thing to do is keep is simple and keep it moving!

In Health,

Tim and Lindsay
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Friday, November 22, 2013

How to Become a Morning Person

There's lots of information and research out there that shows people who wake up earlier tend to be more proactive, optimistic, less stressed, and healthier than those who hit the snooze. Umm...hello, that's a whole lotta good stuff! But...if you still struggle to crawl out from beneath the covers, here are some tips on how to become a morning person:

Get good sleep!
  • Avoid food and electronics for at least an hour before bed
  • Get a white noise machine (they're amazing) and a good mattress (equally amazing)
  • Read a book or take a warm shower/bath before bed to trigger those drowsy feelings.
Wake up the right way!
  • One of the biggest tips is to wake up the same time every day (yes, even on weekends...sorry!)
  • Start slow: start getting up 15 minutes earlier than the day before each day until you reach the optimal time
  • Get moving as soon as/very shortly following your alarm going off. It helps get the energy flowing!
Get moving!
  • Morning workouts can make a huge difference in your day (studies show increased chances of burning fat and building muscle by doing this...seriously, how much incentive do you need?!)
  • Pick a workout you like, have an accountability partner, and have it on your schedule
  • Have all your stuff picked out the night before, or sleep in your workout clothes if you have to!
 Now eat!
  • Especially if you're working out, it's essential to re-fuel properly in the morning
  • Keep in line with your dietary preferences, but a good combination of something high in protein, moderate in complex carbohydrates and good fats is always a good way to go

Don't get us wrong, we're not saying you'll wake up every morning spewing rainbows and glitter, BUT, morning people almost always lead a substantially more productive, healthy life...so it's worth a shot!

In Health,

Lindsay and Tim

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

What's in Your Bag?

Stepping away from "Food, Fitness, and Family" for a moment for a little fun :)

Women's bags are magical things, so it's always fun to see what others have in theirs! Got this idea from Jessi at Jessi's Designs and she got it from Chelsea at The Perfect Catch and Ashley at Newlyweds & Nesting.

Bag: Isn't she pretty?! Got to LOVE Target!


Ipad, complete with glitter case :)
Wallet (also Target, duh)
Old I-phone that I use as an I-pod
Eye Drops
Hand Sanitizer
2 Lip products
And a tazer.....yes, a tazer. A pink one at that :)

Hope this was a fun change from the norm!


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Finding Your Workout Confidence

Maybe it's you feeling lost when you go into the gym....you just wander from machine to machine, telling yourself you don't know what you're doing...

Or maybe it's that nervous feeling when you're entering a new group fitness class for the first time ("this is stupid, everyone's going to see me struggle")...

Or maybe it's that hesitation to purchase a workout program because it looks too intense...

All those feelings: lost, nervous, hesitant....they are all related to a lack of confidence. So, how do you find your workout confidence?

#1 Decide you are a confident person. Stop telling yourself you're too shy, too weak, too whatever. Tell yourself "I'm going to be great at this, I'm strong"

#2 Re-wire your brain for confidence. Describe yourself in your own mind the way you wish to be. Read and listen to personal development books/audio programs. And lastly (and most importantly), change or tighten your network of friends; surround yourself with positive, motivated, happy people!

#3 Celebrate your triumphs. When you do something out of your comfort zone or something that scares you, celebrate - it'll make you more inclined to continue to challenge yourself!

In Health,

Tim and Lindsay

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