Thursday, July 26, 2012

What’s Made All the Difference in Our Marriage

     We certainly aren’t marriage or relationship experts, and some would say that after being together only 6 years, we don’t have the longevity to speak on this topic; however, at this point in our life together, here’s what we feel has made all the difference in our marriage:
     WE comes before I or OTHERS
o     We don’t necessarily put each other first, rather – we put our marriage first. Our little nuclear family takes priority over all. 

      We tease each other
o     Honestly, we do give each other a really hard time, but it is light-hearted! Teasing is certainly a medium of affection between the two of us.

·       We interview each other
o     Even though we like to think we know each other inside-out, we both ask a lot of questions of each other, and sometimes the answers are surprising/unexpected! Car rides and meals out are when the bulk of the interviewing happens. It’s a way we subconsciously tell each other “I still think you are an incredibly intriguing creature” :-)

·        We push each other
o    This part has more layers than an onion.  From workouts together, to career moves, to personality issues….we challenge each other to be more, to do more.

·         We apologize
o     Maybe not always immediately or when the other really needs it….but it comes, eventually. :-)

·        We celebrate each other
o     Birthdays, successes on the job, life events….we try to make a big deal out of the little things! We strive to be each other’s Cheerleader/#1 Fan!

·        We seek inspiration in other couples
o     As individuals, we try to only surround ourselves with positive and motivated people. As a couple, we like to do the same – find other couples, whose relationships we admire, and steal from what they’re doing. Conversely, we also take note of things we see other couples doing that we don’t want….which usually plays out with one of us saying “If you EVER did that, I would kick your ass!” :-)

·       We laugh
o    You know how Buddy the Elf says smiling is his favorite?? Well laughing is ours! Most of the time it comes from the aforementioned piece about teasing each other, but we look for sources of laughter anywhere and everywhere!

·       We are honest with each other
o     Neither of us are mind-readers, so we don’t expect each other to magically know something. If you want ____ say you want ____! Also, if one of us is being a jerk, the other tells them! Sometimes we tell each other through our dog Bo…you know, talking to the dog with the other in ear-shot: “WOW, Daddy is sure in a bad mood today, huh BoBo?” C’mon – we can’t be the only ones who do that!! :-)

·       We do stuff together
o     It is safe to say we are each other’s favorite person – you know, that person when you always want to hang out with! While we have our own individual interests, we always prefer to “do stuff” together!

We hope to look back on this is several years to see what's changed or what we've added! We'd love to hear what's made the difference in your marriage or relationship!! Feel free to comment below (anonymously if you want!)

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  1. Love this post! I love that you mentioned pushing each other to be more. Its not always easy, because your supposed to "love each other past the flaws"... but the whole point of a marriage is to grow and conquer the world TOGETHER!