Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Last Baby Farrar Update Before Delivery!

Hi guys - Lindsay here!

While we try to keep the focus of our blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube pages (dang, that's a lot of social media!) on healthy living - we can't help but sneak in pregnancy updates from time to time. Quite simply, it is our life right now, but if you don't like the baby stuff, you can keep it moving :)

For our last blog update, we were at 6 months. Now, we are quickly approaching 9 months - we are currently 33 weeks pregnant! The last couple of months have gone well - nothing really changed too drastically from the last update. Just more OB appointments (aka get weighed, pee in a cup, vitals taken, measure the belly, listen to the heartbeat, see you next time), more growing in the belly/lots and lots of baby movement, more accumulating the necessities (car seats, stroller, glider, etc.).

I passed the gestational diabetes test - which I was overly-worked up about, mostly due to getting some flack from my OB/nurse about my weight gain. It's not outrageous at all, and in their words, they "didn't know where I was putting it" because the belly and baby measure right on target and I look great, but the fact that it was seemingly an issue to them always upset me. I don't know why - I've always been a girl who weighed way more than people would've thought (Yes, you can be a size 2 and weigh 145-150 pounds) - but because they would push the "you don't want to have a big baby" button on me, I would get so emotional. Here lately, since I am so close to the end, I've tried to be more intentional about letting the weight comments roll off me. So long as he continues to measure on track, my blood pressure continues to be perfect (usually 110/70), SO WHAT!!!!

We were able to get a 3D/4D ultrasound done - and that was amazing!! Both the technician and myself thought Baby had Timothy's cheeks, nose, and chin! He was a smilely little thing too - and when he would smile, he'd scrunch up his nose - now that's a trait from me!! :) Oh, and he was very clearly still a boy, lol.

Cute scrunched up nose when smiling!!
We finished our 12-week Bradley Method birth class - and while going to and from Richmond so late on Sunday nights was a pain, we really did learn SO much. I think both of us feel prepared and confident with regard to labor and are dedicated to doing all that we can to bring Baby into this world naturally. Being that we are giving birth in a hospital with an OB, we decided to hire a Doula. While my OB has agreed to all my birth preferences, there is no guarantee that she will be the one in the practice to actually deliver me when it is time, so a Doula will be one consistent figure and advocate in the process, no matter what.

It's funny - once I hit 32 weeks, I finally began to feel pregnant. Took long enough, huh?  :) Don't get me wrong, I am by no means uncomfortable or dying to get this over with, but I am starting to notice certain changes that make me go "Yep, I really am pregnant". For example, it now takes me 1-2 days to recover between workouts. I'll do TurboFire or P90X or a longer Crossfit WOD and feel great, but then I'll need at least 1 day of rest before working out at that intensity again. That being said - yes, I'm still doing intense workouts because it feels good to me. I've tried prenatal Pilates and other more gentle workouts, and they just don't do it for me. What feels good to me and what works for my body is my usual workouts, just modified as needed! (Disclaimer: Always work with your OB to find what's appropriate for you)

Sleeping is still pretty good, eating is always good (lol). Baby is head-down and I have Braxton Hicks contractions daily, lasting about 40 seconds, several times throughout the day. Mine are not painful, rather my belly just tightens up and gets rock hard on all sides. I've had a few folks tell me they don't think I'll go all the way to 40 weeks. Timothy is betting I'll go in early July, and a couple co-workers have bet that I'll go mid-July. My due date is July 31st - what do you think???

Some preggers selfies :)

You'll remember, it took us a long time to get here, so we are just blissfully happy and excited!! The next Baby blog post will be after he's arrived!!! Stay tuned!

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