Tuesday, December 3, 2013

If You're Waiting For Perfect Conditions, You'll be Waiting a While

Good morning, y'all. It's just Lindsay, today :)

I saw the above image on Pinterest this morning, and it spoke to me.

I've seen that quote (paraphrased) several times before, but today, it just hit me stronger...

Maybe it's because my social media newsfeeds are FULL of posts and messages about people saying something along the lines of "I'll just wait until after the holidays, then I'll start [insert healthy living objective here]".

Or maybe it's because the quote made me flashback to when Timothy and I kept pushing off trying to conceive because we wanted everything to be just right before we had a baby (little did we know, getting pregnant wouldn't be so easy).

Whatever it was the made this resonate with me today doesn't really matter...
What truly matters is that it is RIGHT. It is TRUE.

We can't keep pushing off what we need to do for these laundry lists of reasons excuses.
We can't keep saying things like: I will do it when things slow down, or I will do it once the busy holiday season is over, or I will do it when the baby starts sleeping better, or I will do it when we have more money.

If you've been telling yourself you'll do it once the conditions are perfect, go to the mirror right now and tell yourself "Self, that's a load of bullshit and what I really mean to say is that I'll never do it." Because that's what is truly going on....if you're waiting for perfect conditions, you'll never do it.

Start today. Start this very minute. Take the plunge. You just might surprise yourself :)

In Health,

Lindsay and Tim
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