Monday, December 9, 2013

Find What You Love...No, Seriously. Find it. Then Do It.

When people reach out to us for fitness coaching or advice, they are often surprised that we actually have a lot of questions for them first....

That's because when you are trying to make a permanent lifestyle change in fitness, you have to find something you love.

It's like when you decide to marry've tried others in the past and for whatever reason(s), it didn't work, but then you met "The One" and you learned about each other, things clicked, and BAM, you're ready for a life together.

Same concepts apply to making a lifetime commit to health and fitness. For something to theoretically last forever, you have to really love it!!

Dabble around....try the gym, try at home workouts, try group fitness classes, try CrossFit. Even though we are a "fitness duo", we are pretty different in our fitness love lives: he is 99% CrossFit and 1% running/biking, while Lindsay is 99% home workout programs and 1% miscellaneous (usually CrossFit).

Moral of the story is this: when you dabble around and try some or all of the different options related to fitness, chances are, you'll find things you really enjoy and you'll find things that you probably won't ever do again :) That's the point....find what you love, then do it.

In Health,

Tim and Lindsay
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