Thursday, November 21, 2013

Finding Your Workout Confidence

Maybe it's you feeling lost when you go into the just wander from machine to machine, telling yourself you don't know what you're doing...

Or maybe it's that nervous feeling when you're entering a new group fitness class for the first time ("this is stupid, everyone's going to see me struggle")...

Or maybe it's that hesitation to purchase a workout program because it looks too intense...

All those feelings: lost, nervous, hesitant....they are all related to a lack of confidence. So, how do you find your workout confidence?

#1 Decide you are a confident person. Stop telling yourself you're too shy, too weak, too whatever. Tell yourself "I'm going to be great at this, I'm strong"

#2 Re-wire your brain for confidence. Describe yourself in your own mind the way you wish to be. Read and listen to personal development books/audio programs. And lastly (and most importantly), change or tighten your network of friends; surround yourself with positive, motivated, happy people!

#3 Celebrate your triumphs. When you do something out of your comfort zone or something that scares you, celebrate - it'll make you more inclined to continue to challenge yourself!

In Health,

Tim and Lindsay

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  1. Mine is more finding motivation at this point! I just started a 30-day (at home) dvd and it's hard to make yourself do it and stay on track!!

    1. Check out our past posts on finding and keeping that mindset! Also, following our Like page on Facebook and our Instagram and Twitter will help (motivation/inspiration daily!!) Lindsay works out 100% at home, so she gets it!