Saturday, August 18, 2012

Reader's Request: Detoxes/Cleanses

Holy canoli - this is a slippery slope! We say this because there is A LOT out there....products, guidelines, all kinds of stuff related to cleansing or detoxing the body. The two of us both believe that cleansing the body is an inherintely good thing, it's just some of the whack-ass products out there that make it a bad thing :(

For the sake of time and energy, let's focus on two things: 1. What does a cleanse do for you and 2. What are some good cleanse guidelines?

Just living in this world, your every move involves encountering some kind of toxin: environmental (smoke, pollution) or self-imposed (foods with artificial ingredients, for example). Guess what - this is some-kinda-hard on our bodies, externally, but ESPECIALLY internally! A good cleanse once or twice a year (or once a quarter) is an excellent idea to help your body rid itself of those toxins and simply function better!!

It is important to know that there is likely going to be a fair amount of discomfort during the cleanse process. Some common symptoms include headaches, fatigue, stomach and muscle cramps, loose bowel movements, etc. These symptoms usually don't last much longer than the first couple days, so be patient.

 OKAY - now, what are some cleanses that we would recommend?

The Sweaty Betties have a 5-Day Cleanse that is pretty good! You do not need a whole lot of special items or products. We think this would make a good short, post-holidays cleanse or something you do to "dip your toes" into the cleansing waters. (HA! Did you see what we did there? lol)

 Beachbody's Ultimate Reset is a 21-day Cleanse that focuses on taking your body gradually through the cleanse process (thus why it is 3 weeks). There are some supplements involved. We think this is more along the lines of a major body-changing type cleanse, rather than just a quick flush of your system.

If you already drink Shakeology, you could easily do a 3-day cleanse with that. The guidelines are extremely simple: 3 shakes a day, and 1 salad with 4 ounces lean white meat (fish or chicken), and as much water and green tea as you like for three days! We've done this after the holidays a lot to help get rid of the bloated, uncomfortable feeling from eating out of our norm!

Kris Carr has information on how to do green juice cleanses. This route might be the most impactful to your colon, being an all-liquid cleanse....something to keep in mind :)

 Some other related items you might find interesting: intermittent fasting and this nice way to rid any water weight/bloat

Let's Chat: Have you ever done a cleanse? How did it go? Post below!

In Health,

Timothy and Lindsay

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