Saturday, June 9, 2012

Operation Sneak-In The Healthy Stuff

Hey guys! It's Lindsay....

Does this ever happen to anyone else? You know you should eat healthy, you know you need to eat more vegetables, but sometimes, you just don't. Yeah - you too? Okay, so for those times, grab your sunglasses and get ready to step into the Matrix - it's time for Operation Sneak-In The Healthy Stuff! Yep, sometimes - you just have to go all covert, Mission Impossible on yourself and/or your's fun, roll with it.

I am becoming quite the master of hiding vegetables and healthy things in my food creations. 

Sneaky like ninja :)
Here are some ideas about how to cleverly put in vegetables or other healthy noms into the mix, without it being as obvious as a big old side of greens....that you move around on your plate but never eat (yep, I saw you do it).

  • Add fresh baby spinach to your shake 
  • Add veggies to an omelet 
    • Let your imagination soar with this one, but I highly recommend baby spinach and bell peppers
  • Mix in some quinoa in virtually everything
    • Can put in in a scramble of any kind, into a salad, etc. - this stuff sticks to anything/everything
  • Use black-beans to make your brownies
    • Again - you won't taste them!!!
  • Use applesauce or pureed vegetables (hellllloo baby food!) while baking
  • Along the same lines, use pureed vegetables to make your sauces 
  • Throw some fruit (fresh or frozen, not dried) in your oatmeal
SEE HOW EASY THIS IS?!?! Do a couple of these and you'll be increasing your vegetable intake/healthy eating in no time with virtually no effort.

In a completely unrelated note, why did I not know about Chris Hemsworth before seeing the Avengers a few weeks ago? Jesus, Mary, and Joseph - that is a whole lotta man! Long hair, short hair, no hair - it's all good. So. So. So So good.

Quick sorry to my husband and other straight dudes for the shameless adoration of the above-pictured gorgeous man-specimen .

To the straight ladies and gay men - you're welcome.

In Health,

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  1. such great ideas! i never get enough vegetables throughout the day, i'll be sure to try a few of these out :)

    1. Absolutely! Let us know how it goes for you!