Saturday, March 3, 2012

Grocery Store Trip - Farrar Style!

It really started while Lindsay was in graduate school, pursuing her Master's. She was working full-time, taking a full-time course load, and doing her counseling internship at night. Timothy was working full-time as a firefighter and pretty much every day he wasn't at the station, he was working a variety of part-time jobs (plumbing, farm hand, etc.). 

We were pretty much passing ships in the night....we were newlyweds, but didn't have much time to spend together!! Early on Saturday or Sunday mornings....we'd go grocery shopping. It was virtually our only chance to get an hour or two together, so those trips were like our dates (complete with PDA in the aisles, lol). 

While our schedules have calmed down since then....we still consider grocery store trips to be like dates! We both enjoy it and doing it together is the best :-)

After doing a little Facebook poll earlier this was determined that our friends were most interested in a blog post about our grocery shopping! Well here you of our most recent trek to Whole Foods (yep, we travel nearly an hour out of the boonies to the nearest Whole Foods - food quality is important to us!!).

Frozen fruit and berries!! Blueberries, Berry Medley (blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, and raspberries), and Pineapple Chunks. We make a lot of shakes, and these add a big antioxidant punch to them! 

"Breads" = waffles, english muffins, and sandwich bread....all gluten-free!! Also have some plain, sodium-free rice cakes (love to spread PB on these!) and Timothy saw some cinnamon dried apples and picked some of them up. 

MEAT! This is probably our biggest reason for going so out of our way to shop at Whole Foods...clean, quality meat! Kroger, Food Lion.....the meats just don't compare. Of course, we get a ton of chicken breasts. Lindsay gets some ground chicken to cook up with some salt and pepper to quickly eat in the morning. Timothy gets chicken burger patties and some chicken sausages. Bacon is also a big hit in the Farrar household (shout-out to Paleo peeps! Lol). Lindsay got some pepperoni for a couple recipes she found on Pinterest this week. 

Plain Greek yogurt, almond butter, some eggs, dark chocolate, and chia powder. Also got some Egg White Protein samples to try out and picked up a mason jar of honey from a local farmer. 

Pretty self-explanatory here! Fruit! Apples, bananas, grape fruits, oranges, lemons, and some pomegranate kernels. 

Had a lot of frozen veggies stocked up, so just needed some sweet-potatoes, carrots, and baby spinach this trip. Going to try to make some raw shakes instead of more than 1 Shakeology a day (we're running out before the next shipments arrive!) and a lot of recipes call for baby spinach! Will likely have a post in the future about our trying out raw shakes! 

Speaking of Shakeology - beginning of the month brought our next shipment!! Thank goodness!! We get the mixed box: half-Chocolate and half-Greenberry. Can't do without this stuff!!

Ohhh....the mail also bought Lindsay's new cross trainers! She was in desperate need of a new pair, and after doing some research, the Ryka Assist XT2 came highly rated amongst fitness instructors/people who did high impact workouts.

Alrighty folks - that's a fairly typical grocery store trip for us! If you have any questions - please comment below or shoot us a message!

In Health,

Timothy & Lindsay


  1. I am starting to realize that food quality is just as important as the types of foods you are eating, but I am hesitant to dive in because I hear it is SO expensive. I am curious how much one of your weekly shopping trips costs... ?

  2. It depends - usually falls between $150-$200. To give you a better frame for that figure, we spent in that exact range buying the "bad stuff" and fast food! There was no change to our budget - the only thing that changed was the types of food we were buying!

    Healthy eating can be done on ANY budget. Trust me. It might take more effort/planning, but once you get the hang of it, it's easy!

    Let us know if you have any other questions!

  3. Why do you guys eat gluten free? Is that supposed to be healthier? or just a personal preference?

    1. Just a preference! Neither of us have a gluten intolerance (that we are aware of)...general health benefits of avoiding gluten: may benefit your cholesterol levels, digestion, and energy level.