Friday, July 25, 2014

For Shame!

Hey guys! It's just Lindsay today - flying buckle up! :)

One of the many things I love about social media is the ability for friends to share information and thoughts. One of my friends shared this article this week and it kick started a friendly discussion between us, and a topic that I wanted to put out here today:


I didn't like the article (and honestly couldn't finish reading it) because I felt it was fit-shaming! Yes, you read that right: fIt-shaming...with an I, not an "A" between the F and T. It reminded me to the backlash Maria Kang experienced and what a fiasco that felt wrong, it felt icky, it felt shameful! Tim and I experience fit-shaming pretty regularly, but it's funny, because it's so often in a passive aggressive kind of way. I have gotten it even more since having Everett....Lord, the social media horror stories I could tell :)

I think fit-shaming is just as horrible, detrimental, and inexcusable as fat-shaming. Shame is shame, and as I said to my Facebook friend as we were bantering: "Support for ALL always wins."

Do you have any experience with shaming (fit, fat, or any other kind)? What's your opinion on it? Comment below or reach out to us via any of our social media networks! We really value your thoughts and opinions and hope to hear from you!

In Health,

Lindsay of Fit with Farrar

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