Thursday, January 9, 2014

Why Isn't It Working?!

How many times have we said that....or at least felt that way?

Losing weight is truly a science. Your body loves stabilization. It likes to be safe. It likes to be the same. So in order for your body to're going to have to really work at it.

Here's are some of the "usual suspects" when it comes to possible reasons why you're not losing weight:
    • You're not active enough
    • All you do is cardio-based exercising
    • You're under too much stress
    • You're not getting enough sleep
    • You are full of excuses
    • You aren't eating as healthfully as you think
So the next time you aren't losing the weight you want to lose, take an inventory. Do you see where the problem might be?

SPECIAL NOTE: We are advocates and promoters of putting becoming healthy(ier) above everything else, but we realize a lot of folks are interested/in need of actually losing poundage, weight. So all you high-horse, drama-causing trolls....before you go ape shit, chill out. :)

In Health,

Lindsay and Tim
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  1. ha that image is so true and great points! I think we all want asap results, but it's usually slow and steady that wins this race!!

  2. I needed to read this this morning :) I lost 25 pounds between 2011 and the beginning of 2013 and I've recently put 10 back on. I'm still in a healthy weight range and don't look much different but I FEEL different and have been struggling with the mental aspect of weight gain. I think I fear the slippery slope that may come if I don't change my patterns - specifically: only doing cardio and forgetting the importance of weight lifting, not eating as healthy as I think I am (hello peanut butter addiction) and making excuses. I need to remember that IT TAKES TIME for weight loss and that even if I don't see results on a daily basis that, if I continue to make changes (the ones I mentioned) I will start to see results. Slowly but surely :)