Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Eating junk makes you crave more junk!!

Yes, the information is out there...



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As obesity is a full-blown epidemic in America...

more research is devoted to the effect of what we eat has on our bodies and minds. The effect on the body is the obvious stuff: when we eat poorly, we gain weight, have little/no energy, have high cholesterol/BP/diabetes, etc.

The effect on our mind isn't always as obvious, but science is proving that it is just as impactful. The sugar and additives in crap food literally alter your brain and make you crave more of the crap food.

We know....this is some scary, mad scientist stuff here....

Of course, nothing serves better as proof than personal experience. When we get a little lax with our nutrition (when we are traveling or visiting family) and eat things we normally don't have, we begin to crave them for a day or two after. Diet soda is a PERFECT example of this. Lindsay doesn't have one often, but when she does, the cravings for more sugary foods increase dramatically. Same thing for Timothy with ice cream.

We aren't saying never have dessert or a diet soda, but what we are saying is be mindful of what you are eating. The cleaner your food, the cleaner your insides. While it may be tough initially, your body will begin to crave healthier foods....ESPECIALLY if you are working out (your body needs the right fuel to perform adequately, and trust that Mountain Dew and donuts aren't the right fuel).

We want to know: Do you notice a change in your mind/body when you eat poorly after eating healthfully for a while? Increase in cravings? Comment below!

In Health,

Lindsay and Timothy

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